3D configurators

product furniture flat

TWe create personalized 3D configurators. We can present any product, regardless of size, color and shape. We will help in promoting even the most complex product and present it from the best side. In countless combinations of visual, technical specifications and material properties. For desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.


3D Configurator uses modern technology to generate and display 3D objects, so far only known from computer games, and ensuring high, even realistic, fidelity body shape and texture of the material.

Sales support

3D Configurator is an excellent platform supporting sales managers in a friendly and simple way, a distance or directly from the customer to provide all the options to personalize the product.

Fairs and events

3D Configurator is also a useful application for fairs and events. In a somewhat relaxed atmosphere, the potential customer can get acquainted with the product, wide selection of finishing capabilities, as well as the further development of new modules.

Product development

Our 3D configurators are equipped with update function, so you can either modify the current offer or update it with new products and expand the personalization options for existing products.